Rafting Isere

Rafting Savoie Isere

Come and join us to explore the local lakes and rivers. Our professional river guides will share their passion with you to make your trip a magnificient moment.

Parcours des Gorges de Centron

By crew from 5 to 7 persons you leave stroll aboard a raft on the section (10 km) the most bucolic of Isère there.

Accompanied by a guide specialist of the sports of running waters you will spend a pleasant moment, through the Gorges and the rapids of Centron ( classeIII / IV-). It is an ideal course in rafting for families with young children (from 8 years).

Intégrale de l'Isère

By crew from 5 to 7 persons you will go down tourbillonnantes and tempestuous waters of Isère in rafting. The complete of Isère is a ideal course which is divided into three parts : the first part rather quiet allows you to get acquainted with the technique of mess and to learn to navigate with a crew, the central part of the course consists of level rapids 4 (classified on a scale from 1 to 6, 6 being the strongest) and finally the last part brings us in the Gorges of Centron. 

It is the stroll which will be convenient as well for the beginners as for the initiated of the rafting, accessible to all, ideal for a first descent (23 km of descent, from 10 years).

Matinale de l'Isère

By crew from 5 to 7 persons you will go down tourbillonnantes and tempestuous waters of Isère in rafting. This stroll of 15 km is only available in summer in the morning: shorter than the Complete, it will make you discover the rapids of Aime and a part of Gorges of Centron and will allow in " raise late " to take advantage of enjoyments of the running water in an advantageous price (from 12 years).

Doron de Bozel

By crew from 5 to 7 persons, engage you in one of the most intense descents in rafting of the region! More sloping than Isère, Doron de Bozel reserves a technical and steady navigation: 2 successive descents to tame this river of class IV which appears under the shape of a continuous rapids ! (From 16 years).


Parcours des Gorges de Centron

Inititation trip 10 Km, from 8 years old
46 €

Intégrale de l'Isère

Initiation trip 23 Km, from 10 years old
60 €

Doron de Bozel

Advanced trip, 2 runs de 6 Km, from 16 old
65 €

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