Canyoning Savoie

Canyoning Savoie Angon

Supervised by a high moutain guides you will appreciate thrilling 3 Dimensional activities.
Natural and wild places ideal for jumping, sliding or abseiling in a cold crystaline water.

The canyon Of Angon (the bottom)

In family or in group It is a very good discovery of canyoning activity. Slides, jumps and descents in abseiling (20 metres maximum) give rhythm to this descent in one of the most beautiful natural sites around the Lake of Savoie. Accessible to everybody.

The canyon of Montmin

Canyon accessible to the beginners in a quiet place which is playful,varied and rhythmical. There is no big descent in abseiling and the jumps are never compulsory. Ideal to enjoy itself and be amazed in a natural and wild site.


the canyon of Angon (belvedere)

It is a very appreciated descent, the magnificent place of interest which dominates the Lake of Savoie, called " the waterfalls of Angon ". The advice and the assistance of the guide will help you for the first descent in abseiling, the continuation of the canyon will be great and full of happiness.


The canyon of Angon (Bridge of the fairies)

It is a very technical descent, the magnificent site which dominates the lake of Savoie, called " the waterfalls of Angon ". The departure is gently made since the "fairies" bridge to approach a waterfall of 70 metres. A succession of the other varied abseilings, the slides and the jumps we shall move closer to the lake.


The canyon of Angon (bottom)

Initiation from 8 years old
45 €

the canyon of Montmin

Initiation from 8 years old
55 €

The canyon of angon (belvedere)

Initiation from 12 years old
55 €

the canyon of angon (bridge of the fairies)

Inititation from 16 years old
70 €


  • Meeting Point at Angon - Rest Area

Location GPS : 
Latitude : 45°49'38.71"N
Longitude : 6°13'25.40"E

  • Meeting Point at Vesonne - School Car Park

    Location GPS :

    Latitude : 45°46'3.71"N
    Longitude : 6°15'37.87"E
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